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green headed ant

Optimal Temperature: Nest 24-28°C | Outworld 18-30°C

Humidity: Nest 50-80% | Outworld 40-70%

Hibernation: No hibernation but will slow down during winter

Diet: Water. Carbohydrates such as honey and other sweet foods like Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar. Will also eat seeds, such as Ant Park Foraging Mix. Ant Park All-in-One Ant Food. Ant Park Complete Ant Food gel. Insects.

Colony: Monogyne or Polygyne (one or multiple queens per colony). Average a few hundred workers per single queen colony. This species even produces Gamergates (workers that can turn into gamergate queens) few hundred workers per single queen colony. 

Founding Queen: Semi Claustral (with feeding)

Sizes: Queen 8mm | Worker 5mm

Bite/Sting/Formic Acid: A painful sting which can cause allergic reactions, handle with care

Difficulty: Beginners

Description: Green Headed Ants are shimmery multi-coloured ants commonly found all over Australia. They cannot climb up smooth surfaces like plastic or glass, so are easy to contain. When a Queen is not available, Green Headed Ants will compete in vicious battles to figure out who should be the new "Gamergate" Queen. These battles usually last about 3 or 4 days and during this time, ants will be seen carrying around their defeated sisters. After a Gamergate Queen is chosen, they will return to normal.

Rhytidoponera metallica.jpg
Iridomyrmex bicknelli.jpg

common pavement ant

Rhytidoponera metallica.jpg

green headed ant

Camponotus Consibrinus.jpg

banded sugar ant

Polyrachis Ammon.jpg

golden tail ant

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