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bull ants

Optimal Temperature: Nest 24-28°C | Outworld 18-30°C

Humidity: Nest 50-70% | Outworld 40-80%

Hibernation: None, but will slow down during winter times/

Diet: Water. Carbohydrates such as honey and other sweet foods like Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar. Will also eat seeds, such as Ant Park Foraging Mix. Ant Park All-in-One Ant Food. Ant Park Complete Ant Food gel. Insects.

Colony: Monogyne (one queen per colony). Average 1,000-2,000 workers per colony

Founding Queen: Semi Claustral (with feeding during founding)

Sizes: Queen 25mm | Worker 20mm-25mm

Bite/Sting/Formic Acid: Painful bite which can cause inflammation or allergic reactions

Difficulty: Advanced

Description: Myrmecia forficata, known as the Bull Ant belong to a family of poisonous stinging ants called Myrmecia. They have the best eyesight of any ant species and can see and track you from 6 feet away. This species is very aggressive and can cause inflammation or even allergic reactions. Be careful when handling them, some species can even jump quite far. Myrmecia Fortificata Queens require patience when rearing eggs. If disturbed, the queen will cease laying eggs or even eat them. These ants are only recommended for advanced level ant keepers.

Myrmecia forficata.jpg
Iridomyrmex bicknelli.jpg

common pavement ant

Rhytidoponera metallica.jpg

green headed ant

Camponotus Consibrinus.jpg

banded sugar ant

Polyrachis Ammon.jpg

golden tail ant

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