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Now for the fun part - catching your Ants!

Ants are all around us, all we have to do is look and be willing to get our hands dirty. Before you go out to catch Ants, you'll need to be prepared.

All you need: 

  • Test tubes (included in the Starter kit) to transport your queen ant. Note: plug the top of the test tubes with cotton balls to keep the Queen inside.

  • You might also want to take an extra container with a lid to keep extra ants in. Something like a lunchbox or an old plastic takeaway box will work well.

  • Soft tweezers or a spoon for scooping up Ants. You can try picking ants up with your fingers, but beware, many species of Ants will bite. You also run the risk of crushing Ants between your fingers - not ideal!


Start by doing some research. There are heaps of resources online, try looking up ant farming videos. find out what species of Ants live in your area, what they look like and how to identify their Queen. Go hunting for Ants at your local park or even in your backyard. You will often find Ant nests under rocks or heavy branches.

Look for the Queen. All the other ants in the colony need their Queen to survive, so it's critical that you catch her. Depending on the species, the queen is usually bigger than the other ants. Once you have a queen Ant, collect as many more Ants as you can from that colony. The more Ants you can get, the better!

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