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Now that you have your Ants, it's time to get them set up in their new home. Your Ants might need some time to adjust to their new environment. Transfer your Ants to your prepared formicarium and give them some time to settle in.

Feeding your Ants​

Ants need carbohydrates, protein and water to survive.


To give your Ants the energy they need, soak a cotton ball in a small amount of the Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar (included in the Starter Kit) and place it inside the formicarium. You can also experiment with feeding them honey, sugar syrup or even fruit! Ensure that you never introduce too much liquid food to their environment, as Ants can get stuck and even drown in too much syrup. 


Ants also need protein to grow, particularly the queen and the larvae (baby ants). You can give them protein by mixing a small amount of All-in-One Ant Food protein powder (included in the Starter Kit) with water and sitting it inside the outworld. Try feeding your Ants a small amount of insects from time to time as well.


The easiest way to ensure that your Ants have enough water is to fill a test tube with water and then place a wet cotton ball inside to keep the water inside. The water will seep through the cotton ball and your Ants can drink it at any time. 

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